This is my house! In here we watch TV. Daddy likes to nap on the couch. Don't knock over the flowers!
Here's Mommy and Daddy. Mommy got dressed up for dinner!
This is the kitchen! Mommy says she's a "foodie." The puppy eats here too!
Look, a swing! Not too fast or she'll fall out!


Dolls house is a familiar space for open-ended storytelling. Modeled after real-world dollhouses, the beautiful rooms are ingredients for your daughter’s imagination. Each of the ten rooms add a new chapter to the story.

iPad multi-touch lets you play along in the stories, creating family dinner, doing laundry, even taking a bath before bedtime.

Use Dolls House to recreate stories from your own life, giving a unique opportunity to talk and learn with your child.

More than just entertainment, Dolls House lets your child explore relationships and play out dramas that help develop social skills through active play.


  • Gorgeous rooms with realistic physics baked in. The balls bounce, the tire swings!
  • 10 rooms recreate the spaces that are most important in your child’s life– including bath and potty time.
  • Super-cute, realistic family with unique personalities
  • Brand new custom soundtrack and sound effects from the wizards at White Noise Lab

The Importance of Pretend Play

Storytelling, role play, and pretend play are critical aspects of mind development. In an educational environment so focused on accountability, we forget that kid’s minds are built from the start to know how to learn, through play.

According to the Early Childhood Research and Practice journal, kids develop conceptual relationships through pretending, creating mental representations of real-world activities and playing out new possibilities in a safe, imagined environment.

We created Dolls House with that research in mind– to give our own kids a take-everywhere playset they could use to explore their world on their own terms.

Dolls House is super fun, but it’s not a typical “game.” There’s no score, no objective. We’ve designed it to be a “shell for narratives,” to encourage that critical conceptual development.

About Us

Dolls House was created by happyMedium.

Along with producing nutritious iOS apps, we create socially responsible digital marketing.



  • Game Design and Illustration
    • Noah Rosenberg
  • Xcode and Web Development
    • Michael Votaw
  • Production and Project Management
    • Dan Pollmann
  • Music and Sound Design

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